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Committed To Providing Quality & Affordable Non-Slip Floor Treatment Solutions

InvizaGrip has been established with one simple goal- to help residential and commercial property owners with their anti-slip treatment needs. Our non-slip treatment solutions are formulated to address the dangers and frequency of slip & fall accidents.

Our passion is SAFETY and our goal is to help you make your workplace or home safer, day in day out!

InvizaGrip addresses the dangers and frequency of slip/fall accidents in both the commercial and residential sectors. Our products have been formulated and proven effective for almost every floor and tub surface imaginable.

We are proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have been accredited since 2004.

We are also members of The Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce, The National Safety Council, and The Natural Stone Institute.

Our non slip solution is used in over 96 countries around the world with our non-slip treatment.

Why Choose Us?

INVIZAGRIP NON-SLIP SOLUTIONS can help you create a safer environment, reduce legal liabilities, and CERTIFY your floors as Slip Resistant.

Our certified service is simple, fast, and inexpensive. Many businesses have improved their floor safety and reduced their liability, using our certified approach.

Our floor products:

  1. Work at the micro-pore level to improve traction and raise the slip-coefficient.

  2. Exceed the ADA/OSHA recommended guidelines.

  3. Will not change the TEXTURE OR APPEARANCE of most floors.



We also offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION Slip Test on your floors, so you can see exactly how our service will impact the safety of YOUR floors

Non-Slip Treatments For All Types Of Surfaces- Bathrooms, Tubs, Walkways, & More

We know how frustrating it is to slip and fall in the bathroom. It’s even worse when your child slips and falls. That’s why we developed a non-slip treatment that can be applied to any surface for added safety and peace of mind.

Our products are safe for kids, pets, seniors, and anyone who wants to live an active lifestyle without worrying about slipping in the bathroom or any slippery surfaces.

You don’t need to worry about dangerous surfaces anymore because our treatments will keep surfaces safe. The best part is that our product doesn’t just help with bathrooms either- it works great on walkways too! If you want a safer home or office with non-slip floors, use our services.

Our revolutionary non-slip floor treatments will keep you safe from slipping or falling anywhere inside or outside your home or business. Our patented formula means no more dangerous ice patches, no more cracked tiles, and no more annoying dusting in the winter months!

We also offer a free, no-obligation slip test on your floors to help you determine what you can expect from our service and how it will impact the safety of your floors.

Our Process

What To Expect

InvizaGrip’s non-slip floor treatment method is engineered to provide the optimal result. We use quality materials, advanced tools, and effective methods to make any slippery surface safe.

Every step we take is by carefully determining all the important aspects of the project, whether it’s a residential or commercial project.

We have a competent crew to handle every non-slip treatment job efficiently and effectively. That’s why you can count on Inviza Grip for non-slip floor treatment projects.


A InvizaGrip NON-SLIP SOLUTIONS technician will conduct a walkway audit of your home or facility. The audit will specifically identify any potential slip and fall hazards needing attention.


InvizaGrip NON-SLIP SOLUTIONS will then use the ASM 825 (American Slip Meter) to measure Static Coefficient of Friction ( S.C.O.F ) of your floors before a fall occurs and prescribe a solution that will render your floors safer for you, your employees, customers or guests.


Now the science begins. InvizaGrip NON-SLIP SOLUTIONS’ proprietary TREATMENT process creates a “sophisticated tread” on your slippery surface that will increase traction dramatically and improve safety on all surfaces – wet or dry.

Follow Up

During your warranty period if you suspect an area we treated has become slippery, give us a call.

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